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Jack Wilshere Available on Loan from Arsenal

Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere received a major shock to his international career after being left out of the England national team squad by new manager Sam Allardyce.

The player has had extreme bad luck with regard to injuries, but he did play in a couple of matches at the Euro 2016. Wilshere was expected to continue under Allardyce as one of the talented youngsters in the squad, but his absence comes as a major shock. The former Bolton and West Ham manager announced his squad for the upcoming World Cup 2018 qualifiers against Slovakia.

As expected, Allardyce was put forth the question of leaving out Wilshere and he claimed that this decision was taken on the back of the player’s poor appearance record for his club. The midfielder is yet to start a league match this season after featuring in both games as a substitute. Arsenal have taken the surprise decision of loaning out the midfielder in the hope of giving him more first-team action. Wilshere will find no shortage of interested parties and he is also no stranger to a loan move after having spent a short period at Bolton in 2010. In his eight seasons at Arsenal, Wilshere has managed only 157 appearances in all competitions thus averaging around 20 games a season.

Jack Wilshere Keeps Up His Workout During The Holidays

Did you know that Jack Wilshere has a funny way of working out in the shower.

It is to be taken on the lighter side though the quirky way he does his workouts in the shower definitely has raised much intrigue among his fans and followers. During the holiday season Wilshere has been doing innovative exercise regimes to stay in shape.

The footballers not only have to play the game, but carry out an image as well before their fans and followers. Indeed, for players who get out of a tournament and are on holiday still need to uplift their images in front of their fans. As a result, those who are partying in Ibiza would be frowned upon while those who are looking to stay in shape would be applauded. (more…)

Jack Wilshere Needs To Be Used For His Skills On The Field

There are many football legends that often become bigger than the teams they are part of.

As a result, there is much expected out of them, often too much more than what should be expected out of a single player in a game that depends on team participation and strategies. Jack Wilshere is given such a responsibility often which is understandable as he definitely helped the England team to pass the qualifying round for Euro 2016 which occurred in 2014. With the performance that he provided his coach has definitely come to rely on him, but it is often difficult for players to showcase the same kind of playful spirit often, leading to disappointment. It is often the fault in the strategy rather than blaming the single player for not being able to perform.

Jack Wilshere expresses his opinions concerning Alex Iwobi

Alex Iwobi has turned out to be one of the breakout stars of the Premier League in this season as the 20 year old player from Arsenal has made impressive performances and managed to secure a place in the starting XI of Arsene Wenger.

The Nigerian player was able to score 2 goals during his initial 2 Premier League starts for Arsenal in this season, he has made more appearances than other renowned players of Arsenal and one of those players is Jack Wilshere.

Wilshere broke his fibula during a pre-season training session and from there on out, the Englishman has struggled trying to recover and attempting to land a spot in the first team of Arsene Wenger.

Even though Jack Wilshere has been dropped to the sidelines and struggled with injures, one of the players that has stepped up and proved their worth is Alex Iwobi, Wilshere recently talked about his teammate and he had nothing but praise concerning his 20 year old Nigerian partner. (more…)


English talent, Jack Wilshere, who is currently involved in an off-field issue after being thrown out of a night club in London, is reported to be facing a dress down from Coach Arsene Wenger after his recent negative spotlight.

The 24-year old footballer highly impressed in Arsenal’s match against Barcelona in 2011 and left everyone wondering of he would become the future of the club. Barcelona legend, Xavi joined in hailing his brilliant effort in the encounter. Years down the lane, Gunner fans still await a repeat of such performance from Jack Wilshere.

The midfielder has been involved in one too many off-field incidences which is worrying for a young talent with a fragile body. The midfielder has been sidelined since last year following a serious ankle injury. The player has been caught many times smoking, swearing and all sorts. The young player was questioned by police officers following an argument on Sunday at Café de Paris. He was thrown out of the café at 3am before his questioning. During the questioning the young player denied throwing any punch during the brawl.

The player receiving £80,000 per week in wages hasn’t featured for The Gunners all season. Aaron Ramsey is becoming effective in central midfield and Francis Coquelin has been doing great in his stead. The fear is that the young star may never reach his true potential. (more…)

Jack Wilshere is almost fully recovered from his fibula injury

Jack Wilsherehas not started in an Arsenal game in this entire season and this is due to the fractured fibula that the English midfielder suffered during a training session which took place way back in August of 2015.

It was later confirmed that Wilshere had sustained a surgery which kept him out of the pitch for a few months but according to reports, Wilshere is now finally reaching the last few stages of recovery and he has even been able to train alongside his Arsenal teammates, something that he hadn’t been able to do for a significantly long period of time.

Francis Coquelin is another Arsenal player who has also been restricted with limited playing time due to injuries but the French midfielder is wrapping up his recovery and is expected to be back in action in February along with Jack Wilshere who is also believed to be back in the pitch in around the same time.

Coquelin’s return can spark out more competition in the midfield department of Arsenal as the French player will be trying to earn his spot back in the team but has to make better performances than Arsenal’s winter signing Mohamed Elneny.

Wilshere has a much more difficult mountain to climb if he wants to get back in the main team of Arsene Wenger as the French coach of Arsenal has a number of players that he can utilize and has been utilizing during the absence of Jack Wilshere and these performers are: Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ramsey, Alexis Sanchez, Campbell, MesutOzil, MikelArteta, Mathieu Flamini, Rosicky and a few more players.

However, even with all the work that lies ahead of Jack Wilshere and with all the competition that he faces in his search of securing a first team spot, Arsene Wenger has stated on a few occasions that he is going to be giving the English midfielder a lot of chances for him to prove his worth. (more…)